Venue 2: Nicola Parry | Photographer | New

Open: Sat-Sat 10am-5:30pm
Venue: Nic. Inc. 89 Leigh Road, SS9 1JL

My work has developed from a combination of my photographic interest in figural and figurative portraits and my love of the natural environment.

These images are different from many other photographers in that they are digital combinations of moments, places or the person I have captured. This allows for a more creative process and often leads me to a more abstract image than people would generally expect to come from a portrait photographer.

I work to a set of self-imposed rules allowing only specific manipulations and limited images. This forces me to focus on specific elements and processes and to be creative in building the image, emotion or mood I wish to convey within the guidelines I have set for myself.

As Giclée prints on textured fine art paper, the final images are more painterly in quality than the original photographs the works were created from and are not always immediately identifiable as works of photography.