Venue 10: Emma Mower | Mixed Media

Open: Sat, Mon-Wed 9am-5:30pm, Late night Thurs-Fri 9am-8pm, Sun 10am-3pm.
Venue: Projects Hair Salon, 143-145 Leigh Road, SS9 IJQ

The discarded and often overlooked in our daily environments are important to me. The structures I see and the objects that I find are constantly rediscovered in my work. Everything around us has a certain beauty, a quality of its own, designed, crafted or engineered for a particular purpose that may now have passed. These fragments, shapes, lines and surfaces that I am fascinated by present endless possibilities and form these new and unique compositions.

Process is paramount and the physicality of building, layering, arranging, reusing and recycling materials has become a central part of my practice.