Venue 15: Tessa Frampton | Painter

Open: Sat-Sat 10am-5pm. Late night Thurs ‘til 8:30pm
Studio 12, Leighcliff Buildings, 12 Leighcliff Road, SS9 1PR

My paintings use a method of work involving scratching in to gesso and tinting with oil paint. The effect is a little like etching; I fill the scratches with paint to give the effect of drawn lines. My inspiration continues to be about the natural world and especially things I see walking in Hullbridge and whilst on holiday. I am drawn to winter landscape the colour and rawness of the Essex countryside, especially the salt marshes with their abundant bird life. I collect information through my sketchbooks and photographs also memories of what it feels like to be there. I am always excited with the thought of exploring what I see through different mediums.