Venue 50: Sheila Appleton | Painter

Open: Sat-Sun 11am-5pm, Tue-Fri 11-am-5pm, Thurs late night 6pm-9pm.
Venue: Old Leigh Studios, 61 High Street, SS9 2EP

Born in Westcliff missed schooling during the war. Studied at Southend College of Art left 18 after parents separated. Worked at “DIXONS” as display artist painted at evening classes. Shared small Art Gallery with two women artists in Leigh. Married twice, Divorced, Moved to Leigh and taught art at Evening Classes. Later a “Life Model” Lived in the Old Bank House in small bed sit. Paintings purchased for the Thorpe Smith Collection (The Beecroft). First Artist in Essex Touring Libraries Exhibition. Appeared on Radio and TV. An avid Disco dancer. Has been painting Leigh on Sea since she was 17.