A big thank you and fantastic feedback!

As Directors of Leigh Art Trail can we say a very big thank you to all our artists, guest artists, volunteers, contributors, venue owners, LTC, SACC (another super students exhibition), Leigh Road Baptist Church, Barons Court Primary School, Love Leigh Road Traders, Westcliff URC and anyone else overlooked for making the 2016 trail a superb event. A huge thank you to all who came to see the trail also - anecdotal evidence seems to point to more people on the trail than ever before.

There was a great front page review in the Leigh & Westcliff Times, 'Leigh's 19th Art Trail Proves Big Success'

We've also already received  some great feedback on the social networks...

"We only moved to Leigh in December, so this was our first time doing the art trail. It's fantastic! So wonderful to have a wander and see the work of so many talented local artists, many of them turning the landmarks of our new hometown into works of art themselves.
Before embarking on the trail, I think I was expecting something a bit 'amateurish' (not that there's anything wrong with that), so I was absolutely astonished by the quality of work on show across all the venues. Congratulations and thanks to all the artists for sharing their work with us. Now, roll on the folk festival! #lovinleighonsea "  - Common People on Facebook


Leigh Art Trail colouring book

"My 4 year old daughter recently announced that she wants to be an artist when she grows up.. So we took her on the art trail. She absolutely loved it and came home with the colouring book which is a fantastic idea.... Her efforts so far....." - Alice Ward Facebook

WOW! Thank you for this years Art Trail, it was fantastic! The quality of the artwork was superb! Lovely to walk along the Broadway and being able to see so much talent... Look(sic) forward to next year. - Tiger Tiger Facebook