Leigh Art Trail takes up year long residency with Leigh Town Council


Leigh-on-Sea has a vibrant art scene, with many local painters, sculptors, ceramicists, photographers and printmakers, exhibiting their work in galleries nationally and around the world. But every year, for one week in June, members come together in one of the country’s longest-running art events, the Leigh Art Trail, showcasing their talents in the community where they live and work.

Preparations start early, because it takes many voluntary woman hours to organise the Trail. As soon as one finishes, it’s on to planning the next year’s event. Former Chairperson and now Projects and Legacy Co-ordinator, Bronwyn Oldham, explains.

‘It really is a year-round job. So much effort behind the scenes goes into making the Trail a success for just that one week of the year. And that got us thinking… just as we don’t stop working when the Trail is over, neither do our artists. While it isn’t possible to have a year-long Art Trail, it is possible to use a central exhibition space for a year.’

We are therefore delighted to announce the start of a year-long residency with The Leigh Town Council showcasing the very best in artistic talent our members have-to offer. Our current show, entitled 'Figuratively Speaking' which runs until Saturday 19th May, is a mixture of 2D and 3D work, in an eclectic mix of mediums, genres and styles on display. Alongside the usual Leigh Art Trail favourites, such as Sheila Appleton, Tessa Frampton and Gwen Simpson, we are showing some of our new artists for 2018 including Sharon Henson & Scotty Brave.

Looking further ahead, exhibitions will include 'Painting with Light' & 'Drawing to an End' as well as 'Our RA Summer Show'. A series of free workshops for young and old will be held over the course of the residency. Run by Leigh Art Trail artists, they will be a great opportunity to gain insight into how the artists’ work and offer a chance to study their techniques.